Licensed by International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) to deliver IAP2’s 5-day “Foundations in Public Participation” training P2-Solutions also designs customized training for organizations with specific needs.


If you work in public policy, public involvement or stakeholder relations as a relative beginner or a seasoned professional, for a government agency, private business, or a not-for-profit organization, IAP2’s “Foundations in Public Participation” training will make you more effective in your work.


The five-day program is fast-paced, thought-provoking, and relevant. It combines foundational materials, classroom discussion, case studies, and specific exercises designed to build useful skills.

Developed by the most experienced and successful practitioners from around the world, this training provides useful tools for designing and implementing practical real world public involvement programs.


Training Includes:


  • Planning for Effective Public Participation (3 Days)

  • Techniques for Effective Public Participation (2 Days)



P2 Solutions is affiliated with the leading training organizations in the country: